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The art in this is pretty good, and it's not a bad first attempt at a movie, but it's still incredibly short and not much happens throughout it. I don't think the score should be as close as it is to the top rated thing in the portal.

I think you could've improved boyfriend's burst of excitement by adding a sound effect when it happens, also I thought his facial expression was slightly odd, since he looked more suddenly content than excited.

pepperly responds:

All fair points; I'm honestly shocked the rating is as high as it is. I just wanted to take a couple evenings to join in the festivities with a small submission. I feel like I did a fair job with the short time I had to work with and how little I knew about what I was doing. There's definitely a few things I'd change overall if I had had more time, but in the end I think I did exactly what I had aimed to do.

Maybe in the future I'll submit something with a little more pizzazz, who knows?

It's very well done but it just feels lame to watch it when the art's in such an early state, since it makes a lot of scenes feel static/lifeless and sort of boring. If it was completed I'd probably give this 4.5/5.

CelestOrion responds:

Part of the reason we decided to upload the scene was to help bring awareness to the animation project and try to network out and hopefully find new animators to join in. Thanks for watching, though!

nice expressions lol

StupidCartoonz responds:

Thank you at least someone appreciates the effort I put into this

Not much going on in this movie. Good lip syncing and facial expressions though.

GrayAnimations responds:

thanks bud. this was just a test. and it ended up being a good one lol

I like the DIY style this has, though the camera keeps getting blurry which is a bit annoying. The part at 3:43 was weird to me. If you used hands to move the track, or kept cutting to different frames like stop motion, it would have looked better.

EdwardTheEngine responds:

I'm going to do this in the next episode, thank you for your feedback!

There's not much going on. Maybe add animation for the other instruments to make it more interesting. The colors were good though.

IDusky responds:

That was the idea, but I had some problems and at the end I left it like that.

I think this was your funniest movie so far, but I wish there was more animation, and the intro felt too long.

The drawings themselves were messy at times also, because some lines weren't the same width as the ones they were right next to. If it was a little more polished, I would rate it 3.5 / 5.

TheViber responds:

Thank you for this comment, I appreciate every comment that you give. But about the animation part, it's an audio comic. Aka, a "photo story" it's not meant to have animation in it, yeah you can say it DOES have animation in it, but that's when something big is happening. Example, Marlo going on his phone (NOT AN ANIMATION)

Marlo's house exploding (AN ANIMATION PART)

But yeah, other than that. Thank you man, and peace.

Wasn't that bad. Sometimes peoples' arms look to small/short and I feel like you could have made it a little longer somehow.

Also I see why you hate it, if it had my voice in it I would hate it too.

Octo responds:

lmao why did you watch this i warned you, fool

It looks promising. Your animation got better while still looking funny. The only problem is that Braden's lines are quiet.

TheViber responds:

Audio fucks up at times, but in actual episodes that I'm working on right now, the audio is just fine. Make sure check out my profile when it comes out, or you'll most likely just see me on your home page or some shit.


Definitely funnier than just the audio itself.

DigonesImagina responds:

Thanks :)

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