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Overall it's an okay movie.

I think you guys were trying to go for an abstract feel by using a bunch of different art styles, but I think it just ended up looking sloppy because some parts look undetailed, like the part where the boyfriend runs away. I think it worked well for the monster though, since it had a lot more detail and made it a little creepier.

My last critique is that the movie was really short and would've probably been more interesting if there was more foreshadowing and a longer build up.

Not much going on in this movie. Good lip syncing and facial expressions though.

GrayAnimations responds:

thanks bud. this was just a test. and it ended up being a good one lol

I like the DIY style this has, though the camera keeps getting blurry which is a bit annoying. The part at 3:43 was weird to me. If you used hands to move the track, or kept cutting to different frames like stop motion, it would have looked better.

EdwardTheEngine responds:

I'm going to do this in the next episode, thank you for your feedback!

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Better than the original because of the animation, but could have been longer

"heheheh... fuCKing sucker"


I think the game was really polished and felt like something new! Here are my critiques:

I think there should be some vertical speed cap when falling down because the constant gravity makes it hard to predict where you'll end up.

I also died once by holding right when entering a room because I was moving while the screen started to unveil and couldn't see myself, so I think you shouldn't be able to move until half a second or so after the transition effect.

I feel like the mechanics are introduced too quickly. Maybe there should have been an extra level at the start without spikes and just a room with a bunch of twists and turns to get through.

Also, this is just a nitpick, but I think the background could have had more detail.

Lastly, I think the game was too easy and could have gone on for longer.

devdwarf responds:

Thank you for the in depth feedback :)

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It sounds fine to listen to, but it feels like there's no structure, since most sections don't repeat much, and they all sound really similar. I think the best part is from 00:25 to 00:30.

Also the instrument sounds from Online Sequencer are just bank 0 midi patches. That's not a critique of the song, just fyi.

It's good, but kind of rough around the edges.

The 4 main notes that play at 00:10 sound out of tune, and the drums at 00:36 sound bland since they repeat so fast. I also think the part of the song starting at 00:36 goes on for too long without much variation.

Lastly, I think the instruments were good, and maybe it would sound better with more.

I can't hear the instruments at the beginning well and the percussion is bland.

Around 00:40, the note that plays longer than the other ones sounds very out of place and ruins the flow.

Other than that, I think the song is okay and sounds good at 01:36.

Dankdadd responds:

You can't hear it well at the beginning because I tried to make it fade in by gradually increasing the volume, and yeah I've been working on percussion for a while, can't seem to get it right.

I think what you're talking about around 40 seconds is that I looped the chorus, and since the chorus ends with the same note it starts with, it might be a little awkward.

And lol, I thought 1:36 was the weakest part of the song I made, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the review.

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Pretty good. You used good colors, facial expressions, and shading, although I think the shading looks weird towards the bottom of the demon guy's face and the end of the gun. I'm giving it 3.5 stars because it's basic and doesn't have a background, not because it has a bunch of errors.

yubis responds:

Ngl i didnt really bother with this one, at the time i did not have a drawing tablet and i drew this with a really shitty mousepad, but thanks for the criticism

Good stuff, but I think it would look better if the blood stuttered down its face because it would be more natural.

Nene and Darnell look good, but Pico's face isn't turned enough to make his eye looking away look normal. Also I think you did a good job coloring Nene.

midgetsausage responds:

Appreciate the criticism, and yeah I agree that Pico's eye should've been a little less weird. But three stars just because of an anatomical error? Come on man :pensive:

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