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The art in this is pretty good, and it's not a bad first attempt at a movie, but it's still incredibly short and not much happens throughout it. I don't think the score should be as close as it is to the top rated thing in the portal.

I think you could've improved boyfriend's burst of excitement by adding a sound effect when it happens, also I thought his facial expression was slightly odd, since he looked more suddenly content than excited.

pepperly responds:

All fair points; I'm honestly shocked the rating is as high as it is. I just wanted to take a couple evenings to join in the festivities with a small submission. I feel like I did a fair job with the short time I had to work with and how little I knew about what I was doing. There's definitely a few things I'd change overall if I had had more time, but in the end I think I did exactly what I had aimed to do.

Maybe in the future I'll submit something with a little more pizzazz, who knows?

It's very well done but it just feels lame to watch it when the art's in such an early state, since it makes a lot of scenes feel static/lifeless and sort of boring. If it was completed I'd probably give this 4.5/5.

CelestOrion responds:

Part of the reason we decided to upload the scene was to help bring awareness to the animation project and try to network out and hopefully find new animators to join in. Thanks for watching, though!

nice expressions lol

StupidCartoonz responds:

Thank you at least someone appreciates the effort I put into this

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I'm the ultimate master of pee, noice

Little-Rena responds:


This was a pretty fun collab but it's more of a movie than a game.

Here's what I'd do to improve this:
- linking the bbs thread in the author comments
- adding back the clapping from the previous years
- making peoples' usernames open their profile when clicked

Little-Rena responds:

Okay, I put a link in the description, thought I had done that, can I have half a star back for correcting that :3

Clapping not sure made sense in this one, but the last part is a good shout, and I will keep it in mind for next year!

My original plan went out of the window, as I didn't expect such a large turnout! It was amazing, and such talent on offer!

This is one of the best games I've played on NG! I just wish the bosses didn't force you to wait as much to land a hit on them (that made them pretty boring to fight), and that there were NG medals. My other minor complaints are that the foreground and background were hard to distinguish sometimes, and that the ending of the game was a little underwhelming considering how long it took to get there.

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I don't remember how, but a while ago I found your Pulse Palpitation bandcamp and I really liked your Creepy Miku EP you put up there. I was surprised to see it here and I kind of hate the name but I still think this is a good opening track, I wish you made more stuff like this.

As for my actual review, I think the song's repetetiveness and high pitch can get a little irratating, and my favorite part is from 0:34 to 1:00, it gives off a unique vibe.

This is funny and would go well with some shitpost games, but it's hard to sense a pattern in it. Also it would be better if there were sections with different instruments throughout the song.

It sounds fine to listen to, but it feels like there's no structure, since most sections don't repeat much, and they all sound really similar. I think the best part is from 00:25 to 00:30.

Also the instrument sounds from Online Sequencer are just bank 0 midi patches. That's not a critique of the song, just fyi.

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spongebob is epic

The color palette and anatomy of the ant are great but the inconsistent thickness of the outlines of things make everything look a little messy.

Space-ageWrangler responds:

Thanks for the feedback, that's a pretty interesting point so I'll try to think about it. I suppose the main thing would be making the lines for the foreground rocks a bit thinner to fit in with the ant.

this is epic

I make dumb games when I get bored

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