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Not a bad effort, but I had some problems with it.

- Every time I pressed space it scrolled my screen down on the page so I couldn't see where I was going
- The grass level is a bit boring, since it's so tiny and you can't do much in it (the space one was better because there are multiple paths)
- The music is subpar

I would suggest adding a score counter and some other enemies besides the black orb to make it more fun. A leaderboard would also be good because it would give people a reason to keep playing. Still though, keep up the good work, game dev is hard.

DerpChest responds:

fair criticism, i am only a starting newgrounds developer so this is my starting point. The music is like that because i made it, i don't know music composing so i just made a song on chrome music lab, the grass level is only the default level, more levels will be coming soon with more gimmicks, if it scrolls you down the page, try clicking on the game window, if it still does it, it is probably your browser. i would add a leaderboards but there is no GDevelop API for this, i will add leaderboards and trophies as soon as there is a Newgrounds.io API for Gdevelop. This is only a basic game, so there is nothing much to it.

Clearly there was a lot of effort into this, but that doesn't negate all of the problems the game has.

- The leaps of faith. If you had a larger field of view, this would be mitigated
- It was difficult to tell when you'd fall off a platform because of the weird shape of the player
- You aren't given extra frames to jump after you start falling
- In level 2, one of the low cielings I hit set my speed to 0 multiple times
- It was difficult to tell how high the player would jump. This made some sections of level 4 awkward, because the low spike ceilings made me unsure of whether or not I was meant to jump.
- I wasn't able to tell the motorola logo would kill you on contact, and lost progress unfairly to it. If you placed one at the start of the level where players wouldn't lose progress, it would be fine.
- Some of the midis sounded awful, I know that's the joke, but I still found it annoying
- Level 4 ramps up in difficulty too much compared to the previous level
- The dead end you put during the sexy hiking guy's chase. I thought it was funny, but still bad design
- The final boss was hard to dodge, and hard to get killed by, which made for an uninteresting fight.

- The variety of art in the game
- The wall jump was fun to pull off because of the sudden burst of speed you'd get when using it
- The sexy hiking guy's random appearance kept things interesting by changing it up
- The overall presentation was good

Based on the amount of content in this game and the fact that you made most of it yourself, I think you're talented and can put out some cool stuff, however, this game still felt subpar. Also, I'd reccommend this video for some platformer game making tips (https://youtu.be/vFsJIrm2btU)

Better than the original because of the animation, but could have been longer

"heheheh... fuCKing sucker"


I think the game was really polished and felt like something new! Here are my critiques:

I think there should be some vertical speed cap when falling down because the constant gravity makes it hard to predict where you'll end up.

I also died once by holding right when entering a room because I was moving while the screen started to unveil and couldn't see myself, so I think you shouldn't be able to move until half a second or so after the transition effect.

I feel like the mechanics are introduced too quickly. Maybe there should have been an extra level at the start without spikes and just a room with a bunch of twists and turns to get through.

Also, this is just a nitpick, but I think the background could have had more detail.

Lastly, I think the game was too easy and could have gone on for longer.

devdwarf responds:

Thank you for the in depth feedback :)

It wasn't clear to me that running into a sign knocks you down, since it just cuts immediately to you being knocked down, and recovering from being knocked down was annoying since you immediately start running at full speed once you get up.

The gameplay itself is fun, and I think being able to speed up at your own will was nice. You could probably make it more interesting by varying the level layout and adding more obstacles, like maybe one that would require you to slow down to time its cycle properly.

Lastly, I think the dust particles lack polish, since they aren't pixelated.

HelperWesley responds:

A few people said it wasn't clear what was an obstacle at first, I darkened the background in an attempt to make them stand out more, but I guess that wasn't enough. Hmmm.

Slowing down is an obvious feature I never even thought about for some reason. lol.

And totally agree now that you pointed it out. The dust should have been pixelated, not just a circle. That would have fit in much better.

Some of the background elements have colors that are the same as the foreground elements, which made things confusing at first (the background in one of the rooms made me think there wasn't an exit to the room where there was).

Also maybe I'm dumb for this, but I thought you were supposed to be able to jump, since the game is supposed to be like mario, and I think the slight hop in pipe stomping animation was mainly what made me think that.

I feel like the controls were introduced too quickly ingame, which is the way most people will learn them.

Other than that, I thought it was fun to explore the map and the drip effect on the pipes looks nice. The game is very polished, I just think needs a better start though.

Extar responds:

The not jumping thing was very much an idea from the beginning. The game *looks* like Mario and is an obvious pun, but that's where the similarities end. :)

The slight hop with the pipe jumping is why I put the asterisk after 'no jumping' in the description, since you *can* use the hop/stomp to jump over certain gaps, but that's it.

Pretty good.

I think the first boss was too difficult, and should be made easier so people can at least get to see there's a second level. At times there were too many bullets on the screen and they were impossible to dodge. I think you could probably fix that by making Dillbert wait a little bit after spewing bullets up into the air to fire more shots.

I also didn't know you could double jump at first, and having a sprite for Ritz aiming upwards would make it more obvious you can shoot upwards.

Chdonga responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll be sure to look into tweaking these fights a little.

I almost gave up on level 8 so you should have some hint system to keep people playing. The game feels a bit unpolished because of the changes in resolution between images, and there's no animation for when you walk around from a top-down perspective. Adding particle effects when you do things such as collect coins/land after jumping would help the game feel more polished too.

Lastly, I couldn't figure out the rules for the chest moving at first. If you did something like make it face towards you, make a line light up from you to it when it sees you, or play a sound effect when it moves, I think it would be more obvious.

Overall though, I like your game and it's very unique.


Peter has too much gravity, making it almost impossible to dodge enemies. The enemies are placed where they can't hit you or will almost always hit you, and the only way I could win was by running in a straight line.

If you varied the level layout, added a collectible like coins to keep the player moving, and made the enemies more possible to dodge when in front of you it would be better.

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